“Sue is a well organised and friendly teacher. Her classes are enjoyable, varied and small enough to provide individual help when needed. I feel I have really benefitted from attending and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone thinking of taking up pilates.” Gillian, 9 March 2022

“The pilates classes run by Sue Napier are well worth attending. It will be hard to find a better course of classes.” Margaret, 9 March 2022

“I have attended the class now for many years and have found them beneficial, both for posture and core awareness. Sue, having been a physiotherapist, understands any body issues … hip and knee replacements, muscle problems etc. She is an excellent teacher as well as being very approachable and also adds a little fun into her teaching” Norma, 9 March 2022

“Where would I be without Pilates and in particular Sue Napier Pilates? Certainly not as physically active and flexible and strong as I am. Sue makes sure she knows us all as individuals and tailors her advice to meet our needs. Her sessions break down and then build up exercises and routines so that we can identify and learn how to make best and safe use of our bodies in order to improve our practise. As a qualified physiotherapist Sue is able to explain so well how our bodies work. Not only that but classes are fun and friendly. I have recently started to do 2 classes a week and really feel the improvement. I hope I can keep doing this for ever!” Sara, 3 March 2022

“During the first lockdown in 2020 I joined Sue’s zoom pilates class at a friend’s suggestion. I had done some pilates before but I had private lessons with Sue before I joined the larger class. This was very useful and I would highly recommend it. Sue’s classes are very well structured and her physiotherapy background means that she is very aware of any potential difficulties and how to avoid them. My Monday zoom with Sue is now part of my routine and I feel fitter and more flexible than I have in years. Her teaching style is thorough and professional She gently steers me in the right direction if I don’t get it right first time and I always feel enabled to do better rather than criticised. I would highly recommend Sue’s classes to anyone new to pilates as it is important to have an instructor who is well qualifed.” Dee, 3 March 2022

“I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1985 and am well medicated. I am now 84 and have been enjoying Pilates with Sue for just over 5 years. Having done “keep fit” in the past, I would describe it as slower and more controlled. Sue, a qualified physiotherapist, by having smaller classes is able to consider any physical limitations of her clients. Her programmes vary every 5 weeks concentrating on different muscle groups, keeping all the joints flexible and avoiding boredom and complacency. She is a very safe pair of hands.” Margaret, 3 March 2022

“Having suffered for a long time with neck and back problems I went along to Sue to join her classes, for which I needed a couple of private lessons to determine my suitability. These private lessons were excellent. I learnt a lot about how my body works and how to gain the best out of it without making my condition worse. Sue was great - she explained everything thoroughly and in a way that I could understand and continue to practise at home. Over the next few weeks I felt able to do more and extend the exercises, without discomfort. I hope in the near future to be able to start attending classes with more confidence and knowledge in my own ability.” Elaine, 3 March 2022

“I am 75, and have been doing Pilates for about 6 years. I have suffered from intermittent back problems for most of my adult life. Sue is the third pilates instructor I have had, and far and away the best. She is an excellent and knowledgeable teacher, and extremely professional and thorough in her approach. She is also kind and friendly. I can recommend her without reservation. Oh, and my back problems have nearly vanished …” John, 2 March 2022

“Sue’s pilates classes are excellent. Her instructions are clear with reasons given as to why you are meant to execute them in the way she is outlining, which I find enormously helpful. Her hands-on corrections - happily for me reinstated - demonstrate just how different my position should be to the one I’ve adopted, which again is so useful. Sue’s indepth knowledge of anatomy also adds to my understanding of what the advantages are for doing the exercises. Class sizes are kept deliberately small, the room is well ventilated and conveniently in the centre of Uppermill. Perfect.” Moira, 2 March 2022

“Sue has been very proactive during lockdown with zoom classes for us all. Whilst these are still available, I have returned to class at The Civic Hall and really appreciate being back. Sue has given a lot of thought into running the classes safely. I have no worries about attending them and feel that I get more out of my session than the zoom classes.”Margaret, 8 October 2020

” Today I finished my first block of pilates lessons back at the Civic Hall. It has been great! I feel it is better for me to go to class at the Civic than to do it at home on zoom. I obviously work harder with Sue right there watching me. It’s so nice to see familiar faces, have a chat and a laugh (when I get it wrong). Sue is very careful with social distancing, hygiene and hand sanitising. I feel quite safe. So I would like to say “Thank you” Sue.”Florence, 7 October 2020

“I have been going to Sue’s classes for 2 years and it has made such a difference to my back problems which relate back to a fall when horse riding. Last week I helped dig up and move a small tree with my husband. Despite making sure I prepared well to lift and drag I expected a sore back the day after, but nothing. Thank you Sue, I am so much more aware of how to use my body to keep me safe from injury.” Sara, 2 December 2019

“I joined one of Sue’s classes 2 years ago and would certainly recommend her as an excellent teacher who is also very friendly and approachable. Her passion for Body Control Pilates is evident in all her classes and highly motivating, and I feel that my posture and core strength have improved greatly since joining her class. Sue’s classes are fun, varied and interesting, with great health benefits for both mind and body. She always explains the exercises clearly, and is able to keep an eye on everyone to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly and safely. Under Sue’s watchful eye I have felt confident to carry on exercising with a shoulder injury which was restricting my movement and I feel that I am now well on the way to full recovery.” Janet, 21 November 2019

“Pilates was recommended to me by my orthopaedic consultant 4 years ago. I did a fair amount of searching before deciding to join Sue. My motivation was to strengthen my hip joint in preparation for a total hip replacement. However, pilates began to challenge me in many more ways than I could ever have anticipated. Simply being aware of my core strength and how to improve it became a daily practice. My posture correction has been dramatic and understanding why it was wrong gives me the insight to make adjustments of my own. Over this period I worked with Sue both privately and in small class groups. It is by far the single most important thing I did in preparation for my surgery. I was walking unaided post surgery after 4 weeks and was soon enough back doing pilates again under the watchful eye of Sue in a private lesson. Sue’s physiotherapy experience and knowledge was invaluable. I was constantly reassured and totally trusted Sue to be part of my rehabilitation. This helped build my confidence and allowed me to slowly progress in a safe environment back into my regular class. In a busy life, it is good to take time out which is just for me. Body control pilates with Sue is that place for me”Helen, 12 November 2019

“The pilates classes run by Sue Napier are excellent. Small classes allow individual attention and Sue puts a lot of effort into her work. The improvements are remarkable. “–Margaret, 4 April, 2019

“I enjoy Sue Napier Pilates classes because I benefit from her previous professional knowledge as a NHS physiotherapist which means I know Sue wont’t give me exercises which are not good for my condition (osteoporosis). Indeed Sue runs special classes for this. I can therefore perform each exercise safe in the knowledge that I’m not doing myself harm. I also value the fact that class sizes are up to 12 people so Sue is able to walk round the class and correct any incorrrect postures, which means individual attention when you need it. The venue is central to many of the villages in Saddleworth and the room is well laid out with all necessary equipment provided by Sue. I recommend Sue’s classes to anyone thinking of starting or continuing their pilates exercises.”Moira, 1 April, 2019

“Sue’s attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the classes she runs. Each block of classes is well designed and demonstrated with the appropriate equipment provided. As a result of the small classes, Sue gets to know everyone and understands their abilities and limitations, constantly checking us and correcting when necessary. It is her qualification as a physiotherapist that gives me total confidence in the programmes she devises and teaches, secure in the knowledge that I am in a very safe pair of hands.”–Carol, March 11, 2019

“Sue is a lovely person and an exceptional teacher. She is in complete command of her subject and always crystal clear in her instructions and guidance in class. She has the gift of creating a really friendly, really supportive atmosphere. I recommend her absolutely. A fantastic pilates instructor.”–Phil, March 8, 2019

“Sue is an excellent teacher. She has the combination of a great depth of technical knowledge and experience together with really good interpersonal skills which means that she makes the exercise safe and fun. She also relates the exercises to every day activity.” – Maggie, June 1st, 2017

“I was a beginner to Pilates when I joined Sue’s class. Due to her excellent teaching skills I have improved my core strength, breathing technique, and posture. Sue is a witty, friendly, and extremely knowledgable lady. I have thoroughly enjoyed her classes.” – Marilyn, May 11, 2016

“I joined one of Sue’s classes earlier this year and have noticed a big improvement in my posture and balance. Sue is a great teacher and I would heartily recommend her lessons.” – John, Oct 18, 2015