• Classes must be booked in advance and are non refundable. Classes usually run in 5 week blocks - depending on when holidays fall
  • 5 week block on zoom £38.75 (£7.75 per class)
  • 5 week block at the Civic Hall £46.25 (£9.25 per class). These classes are more expensive due to cost of room rental and smaller class size. (max 10 clients)
  • nb Additional £3 booking fee if not paid by requested date
  • A private/1:1 lesson for 1 person is £37 via zoom and £42 at the Civic Hall
  • £5 discount if attending 2+classes a week

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for purchase and can be used for blocks/1:1 Starting at £10.

a group of pilates students on their backs, raising poles about their heads while also doing leg exercises